Chaghaf Howayek


Chaghaf Howayek is an Urban Sociologist. After studying architecture and urban planning at the University of Damascus. She moved to Germany to continue her masters in urban studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar. During her stay in Weimar, she worked on refugee integration, refugees camps and inter-cultural relations. She worked as DGF fellow research at the Centre for Metropolitan Studies Berlin. Working on the subject of refugees camp and camp development and displacement. Chaghaf worked in several international and inter-universities projects focusing on forced migration, and post-war development. Her PhD, dissertation deals with refugee camps in the Middle East, the current and past approach. the research is a state of the art research, on Permanent temporariness, the socio-political boundaries of camps and the practice at the space of everyday life. Her focus was on Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps as spaces of memories and identities. She also spent 4 years between Berlin and Beirut working on women and family refugees in both communities. Chaghaf was member of Habitat-Unit Berlin and she obtained her PhD from the Technical University of Berlin in 2019. She is the co-founder of a Lebanese / Syrian NGO based in Shatila camp Beirut. Working with women in the community on subjects of awareness and community building.


Curriculum Vitae |  Chaghaf Howayek


  • Forced migration and development.
  • Diaspora, migration studies, and ethnic identities.
  • Regugees studies.
  • Refugee camp development and policies.
  • Middle Eastern studies. 
  • Refugees migration aspersions



Zentrale Publikationen

  • Perception and Challenges of Syrian Refugees’ Integration Experiences: Comparison between Lebanon and Germany ABAAD Lebanon, 2019 (approved for publication)
  • Co-author Refugees and digital self-organization: 11 recommendations for action (HKW,, 2016)
  • The Spatial identity and the temporality in Shatila, Beirut – (Post War Cities 2016 conference publication, Bauhaus University – Weimar 2016)
  • Responsive Urbanism in Camps and Informal Areas - Urban Disaster, Vulnerability and Displacement (Humanitarian Challenges report, Fordham University New York, United States 2015)
  • Youthfulcities global index 2015 - ranking the world's 55 most youthful cities - Toronto Canada 2013 - 2015
  • No place like a refugee camp An urban Approach to refugee camps A Case study of Al Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan Master Thesis, Bauhaus University 2014


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