Dr. Edward Omeni


Dr. Edward Omeni is a social scientist with a background in both qualitative and quantitative research in healthcare and organisational research settings. He holds a Master’s degrees in Psychological Sociology (Birkbeck, University of London) and doctoral degree in Social pedagogy (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz).  

In previous roles he has held research and teaching positions at the Institute of Psychiatry- Kings College, University of London, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Maryland University College. More recently he was employed as a Senior Lecturer at the MCI Internationale Hochschule in Innsbruck where he has taught and developed courses on Strategies against structural discrimination, oppression and consciousness raising. His published research includes studies on international education, migration, racism, violence and service user involvement in healthcare organisational settings.

At Dezim he is the project coordinator for the AD-NET-CARE project (Adaptive Unterstützungsnetzwerke älterer Migrant*innen) while also an internal advisory board member of the NaDiRa project – (the National Racism and Discrimination Monitor - Nationale Diskriminierungs-und Rassismusmonitor).


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  • Structural Discrimination

  • Racism and exclusion

  • Racism in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Migration, aging and care services for older migrants

  • User Involvement and participation in health and social care services

  • Health Inequalities



  • AD-NET-CARE (Adaptive Unterstützungsnetzwerke älterer Migrant*innen)


Zentrale Publikationen

  • Omeni, E. (2020). Violence Exposure and Transitional Coping Strategies among International Students in Poland. Springer, Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Rose, D, MacDonald, D, Wilson, A, Crawford, M, Barnes, M, Omeni, E. (2016). Service user led organisations in mental health today. Journal of Mental Health. 25(3), 254-259.
  • Omeni, E. (2016). Troubling encounters: Exclusion, racism and responses of male African students in Poland. Cogent Social Sciences. 2(1), 1212637.
  • Omeni, E, Barnes, M, MacDonald, D, Crawford, M, and Rose, D. (2014). Service user involvement: impact and participation: a survey of service user and staff perspectives. BMC Health Services Research. 14(1), 491.


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Abt. Integration

E-Mail: omeni@dezim-institut.de


Dr. des. Olga Böhm, Referentin für Forschungsvernetzung und Management der DeZIM-Forschungsgemeinschaft (in Elternzeit)
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Pascal Dengler, Forschungsplanung & Qualitätssicherung
Dr. Cihan Sinanoglu, Leiter Nationaler Diskriminierungs- und Rassismusmonitor (NaDiRa)
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