Online Access Panel

The DeZIM Online Access Panel (DeZIM.panel) is based on the study "Social Life in Germany," which the Data-Methods-Monitoring Cluster conducted from March to June 2021 in association with the Bonn-based market and social research institute infas (Institute for Applied Social Science). Around 7,000 people with and without a background of migration took part and agreed to be interviewed repeatedly on various topics as part of this study.

We want to find out what shapes social life in Germany, and how it is changing. We want to understand how people – with their individual biographies – get by in Germany, and how they progress. Do they feel healthy and satisfied? How do they feel about political issues or life in general? What does their everyday working life look like? What about their education and participation in society? These are some of the questions that concern us. We survey the participants of our online access panel four times a year.

Half of our questions revolve around politics, attitudes and values, health and subjective well-being, and work and education. These are the core modules of the survey. For the other half of the regular survey, proposals for the questions to be asked can be submitted by researchers from the DeZIM Institute, the DeZIM research community and external institutions, and employees of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). The themes of these specific modules of the survey thus vary. Both internal and external users can access the anonymized data from this survey at the end of each wave.