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9 - 11 October, University of Mannheim

Migration – Conflict – Solidarity
A Contested Field between Politics and Research

The processes of migration and post-migration have significantly shaped Germany in recent decades, giving rise to diverse questions concerning recognition, participation, social cohesion, and the discourse of identities. In this context, migration is interpreted, constructed, analyzed, and politicized as a challenging reality between conflict and solidarity.

Research and politics observe and shape this contested field, which serves as a focal point of this year's DeZIM conference. The following questions are particularly relevant:

  • What roles do information, perceived opportunities, and experiences of marginalization and crises play in migration processes?
  • What are the impacts of migration from different phases and origins on transnational and local spaces, and how do migration and integration processes change as a result?
  • What are the spatial conditions of negotiation processes: How can conflicts and patterns of solidarity related to migration be explained in a differentiated manner, both at the societal and local levels?
  • Who experiences discrimination, racism, and marginalization in which societal areas, how can intersectional discrimination and racism be systematically identified and analyzed, what consequences for participation arise from this, and how can they be addressed politically?
  • How does solidarity emerge with socially marginalized groups?
  • How are democracy, diversity, and political representation navigated within the framework of migration and post-migration? Where does representation remain invisible? What implications does this have for responsiveness and for discourse surrounding migration within democratic public spheres?

The conference provides a platform for the exchange of research idea and findings, and political as well as practical experiences related to these and questions and more. We invite researchers at all career stages, individuals from civil society and practice, as well as stakeholders from politics and administration (also in collaboration), to share their insights and experiences, engage in dialogue, and discuss political pathways for the complex realities of migration between conflict and solidarity.

The conference starts on Wednesday, October 9, 2024, with a pre-conference workshop in the afternoon, followed by an opening event on the same evening, and ends on Friday, October 11, 2024, in the early afternoon.

Participation Formats

We welcome theoretical, empirical, methodological, or practical contributions within the following formats:

  • Roundtable: A moderated panel discussion involving up to four participants, followed by audience participation (90 minutes).
  • Panel: Three individuals present their thematically related works in 15-minute presentations within a shared panel. Subsequently, a discussant provides commentary, followed by an open discussion (90 minutes).
  • Workshop: Moderated workshops focus on specific topics. Following one or two expert inputs, there will be a group discussion for deeper exploration (90 minutes).
  • Presentation: Individuals can present their work in a 15-minute session. Presentations will be grouped into different panels by the organizers based on thematic considerations.
  • Poster: Projects (e.g., PhD projects) in early stages or selected results are presented in a poster session using an A0-sized poster.


please send the following information in a single PDF document via email to tagung(at) by April 15, 2024:

  • Name, email, and institutional affiliation
  • Format and title
  • Abstract (max. 300 words)
  • Language (German or English; language consistency within a format is required)
  • Additionally, for panel sessions: titles and abstracts of the three presentations, information about the presenters, discussant, and moderator (name, email, and institutional affiliation)
  • Additionally, for workshops and roundtables: information about speakers or panel guests (name, email, institutional affiliation, 2-3 sentences explaining the selection)
  • Indication of willingness to moderate a (further) panel at the conference
  • Indication of whether travel cost reimbursement is requested (see below)

Please note that the number of participants is limited. Feedback will be provided by the end of May 2024.


The workshop will take place on Wednesday afternoon and will focus on reflecting on concepts from migration, integration, and racism research, incorporating an interdisciplinary and international perspective. The target audience includes, for example, researchers who are currently pursuing a PhD, have recently completed their PhD, or are about to start.

To apply for the Pre-Conference Workshop, please send the following information in a single PDF document via email to tagung(at) by April 15, 2024:

  • Name, email, and institutional affiliation
  • (Work) title and abstract of current research project (max. 300 words)
  • Indication of whether travel cost reimbursement is requested (see below)

Travel and Accommodation Coasts

For a limited number of individuals with accepted submissions, travel and accommodation costs for the Pre-Conference Workshop and the conference can be covered according to the Federal Travel Expenses Act. Please explain in your submission why your institution cannot cover the costs.


For inquiries, please contact Esther Beckey and Andrea Rumpel at tagung(at)
Research networking offices within the DeZIM research community are also available as points of contact.

Program Committee and Conference Organization

Esther Beckey (DeZIM-I), Zeynep Demir (IKG), Jan Dillhöfer (MZES), Laura Goßner (IAB), Alexandra Graevskaia (InZentIM), Andrea Rumpel (DeZIM-I)


All information on the CfA can also be found here as a PDF

In cooperation with


Andrea Rumpel

Research Networking and Management of the DeZIM Research CommunityStaff Unit Scientific Direction



Esther Beckey

Project assistant of DeZIM research communityStaff Unit Scientific Direction

E-mail: tagung(at)

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