Data-Methods-Monitoring Cluster

The Data-Methods-Monitoring Cluster is a cross-disciplinary facility at the DeZIM Institute. It develops and tests new, innovative survey procedures and research designs, and uses and adapts proven data evaluation methods.

The Cluster is concerned with the basic elements of research: we develop innovative approaches and methods, refine existing processes and make data accessible – not just for the researchers at DeZIM, but for anyone interested.
Dr. Jannes Jacobsen, Head of the Data-Methods-Monitoring Cluster

Cluster and research data centre set up

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Department employees

Number of employees: 33

Jannes Jacobsen 225

Dr. Jannes Jacobsen

Head of Cluster & Deputy Scientific Managing Director

Aaron Lauterbach 251

Aaron Lauterbach

Student assistant

Xiangyu Li 224

Xiangyu Li

Student assistant

Artem Meth 255

Artem Meth

Student assistant