Discrimination in the health sector in Germany

Integration Department

Project head: Prof. Dr. Magdalena Nowicka

Running time September 2020 until February 2021
Status Completed project

Access to health services is a human right. Not being in good health also limits people in all other areas of life. Nevertheless, the health care system is also characterised by discrimination. However, a systematic overview of the state of research on discrimination in the health care system is missing in Germany so far. The project will therefore review the state of social and legal science knowledge on discrimination in the health sector as a service provider as well as an employer and identify existing research gaps. The review will address all AGG characteristics as well as other characteristics such as socio-economic status or weight. In particular, the following questions are of interest:

  • What forms of discrimination exist in the health sector?
  • Who is affected by it? To what extent is discrimination linked to several characteristics or is it intersectional?
  • Which cross-characteristic exclusion mechanisms occur?
  • What role does institutional discrimination play in the health care system?

In addition to the literature analysis, interviews with experts will be conducted. Furthermore, research designs will be developed that are suitable for closing the most relevant of the identified research gaps in future projects.

Funding: Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (Third-party funding)

Cooperation partner:

Dr. Aleksandra Lewicki (University of Sussex), Ha Mi Le