Documentation standards in anti-discrimination counselling

Consensus and Conflict Department

Project team members: Sophia Aalders

Running time May 2021 until November 2021
Status Completed project

The aim of the project was to develop a concept for the minimum standards of content and methodology of documentation procedures in anti-discrimination counselling. For this purpose, existing documentation systems were compared as well as documentation systems of other counselling services (for example victim counselling) and standardised documentation of discrimination in other countries.

The different requirements for documentation on the part of counselling, public relations and research had to be taken into account. The proposals developed in three workshops with experts from anti-discrimination counselling were therefore examined according to the criteria of manageability of the collected characteristics and categories, anonymisation and analytical power of the data.

The final report presents the documentation standards developed in this way and also depicts the participatory process together with the debates that arose in the process.

Funding: Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (Third-party funding)