Violence protection monitoring in refugee accommodation: dissemination, evaluation and stabilisation

Consensus and Conflict Department

Project head: Dr. Friederike RömerProf. Dr. Sabrina Zajak

Project team members: Sifka Etlar Frederiksen Ines-Maria JeskeDr. Maryam Rutner

Running time January 2023 until December 2024
Status Current project

The current refugee movement in the wake of the war in Ukraine makes it clear once again that the accommodation of refugees remains a central socio-political issue. The core task of shelters is the protection of refugees, but systematic knowledge about violence protection is patchy. Continuous monitoring and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and challenges of violence protection are key components of quality assurance and the implementation of minimum standards. This is where this project comes in and builds on previous projects in which an online-based modular violence protection tool was developed in participatory consultation processes with civil society organisations, authorities and operators as well as evaluations with staff and residents. The tool was then adapted to the specific framework conditions of seven federal states and transferred into practice. This digital tool is unique in Germany (but also with regard to other European countries). This project now aims to deepen the existing cooperation with the federal states, to advance the data collection in the individual shelters as well as to evaluate the data thus obtained and to present a concept for the nationwide sustainable continuation of data use. On this basis, quantifying, comparative statements on the implementation of protection against violence in German shelters are possible.

Funding: Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (Institutional funding)

Cooperation partner:

The cooperation partners in this project are above all practical partners at federal and state level. These include state reception authorities, shelters, violence protection coordinators as well as the members of the Federal Initiative for Protection against Violence, in particular UNICEF and DIMR.