Inter-migrant dynamics and cumulative experiences of racism in Germany

National Monitoring of Discrimination and Racism (NaDiRa)

Project head: Dr. Ramona RischkeDr. Cihan SinanoğluDr. Zeynep Yanaşmayan

Project coordination: Rosa Burç

Project team members: Esra Yula

Running time May 2023 until December 2024
Status Current project

Using the case of Turkey-originated people in Germany, the project sheds light on inter-migrant dynamics and cumulative experiences of racism in the context of transnational and historical lines of conflict, new areas of tension and institutional frameworks in Germany. The focus is on the entanglement and simultaneity of different racisms, which are perceived and characterized by those affected as cumulative experiences of racism. For example, Christian, Jewish, Alevi, Ezidi and/or Kurdish people within Turkey-originated communities report experiences of racism both in relation to the dominant society as well as in inter-migrant contexts.

With the help of intergenerational and intersectional approaches, the research project aims to make the ethnic, religious and ideological heterogeneity of migrant communities visible, as well as to identify interrelated experiences of discrimination, transnational entanglements of racism and relevant intersectional factors. Starting from a cross-generational and intersectional perspective, the project methodologically relies on semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The interviewees are roughly stratified according to so-called migration generations and gender composition. The analysis focuses on emotional-identificatory processes, societal negotiation processes as well as institutional and political structures.

This project is part of the National Discrimination and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa).

Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Kemal Bozay, Dr. Arzu Çiçek, Dr. Dersim Dağdeviren, Meral El, Prof. Dr. Çinûr Ghaderi, Dr. Yaşar Kırgız, Prof. Dr. Jan Ilhan Kızılhan, Dr. Reyhan Şahin, Diren Yeşil, Dr. Özgür Özvatan





Funding: Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (Third-party funding)