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  • Wissenschaftliche Begleitung der Modellprojekte der Säule „Vielfalt gestalten“ des Bundesprogramms „Demokratie leben!“ des BMFSFJ

Scientific monitoring of the model projects of the "Shaping Diversity" pillar of the BMFSFJ's federal programme "Demokratie leben!"

Expert Group "Democracy Promotion and Democratic Practice"

Project head: Dr. Olaf KleistDr. Mirjam Weiberg

Project team members: Samah Al-HashashDr. Yvonne AlbrechtDr. Seyran Bostancı Lena Engel Chaliun ErdenebatDr. Aline-Sophia Hirseland Laura Juds Nina KohlProf. Dr. Ali Konyali Melisa KılıçDr. Hanna Hoa Anh Mai Saboura NaqshbandDr. Andrea PrytulaDr. Tanita Jill PöggelDr. Ebtisam Ramadan Lisa Schmit Adrian Schneider Anja Schöll Till Sträter

Running time January 2020 until December 2024
Status Current project

Immigration and diversity are an integral part of pluralistic democracy. At the same time, discrimination, exclusion and disadvantages of minorities and other marginalised groups make their equal participation in politics and society more difficult. This is made clear, among other things, by the rise of right-wing populist and extreme right-wing groups and parties whose central theme is the rejection of the immigration society as well as ethnic, cultural and sexual diversity.

The aforementioned developments force society and the state to face up to these new problematic situations and challenges. Not only because the positions violate the liberal-democratic basic order and are directed against the realities of many people's lives, but also because the realisation that democracy and diversity have to be learned has prevailed in recent years.

In this context, the federal programme "Demokratie leben!" ("Live Democracy!") of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) has made it its task to promote innovative model projects of associations and institutions that contribute to the empowerment of affected groups, the reduction of prejudices and the strengthening of democratic culture.

The Expert Group on "Democracy, Transfer and Policy Advice" accompanies and supports the sponsors of model projects in the pillar "Vielfalt gestalten" ("Shaping Diversity") of the federal programme in the thematic fields of racism, anti-Semitism, antiziganism, Islam and Muslim hostility, homosexual and trans* hostility, opportunities and challenges of the immigration society - diversity and anti-discrimination in the implementation of their projects. In doing so, the expert group works in cooperation and close coordination with the German Youth Institute (DJI) and the Institute for Social Work and Social Education (ISS).

Taking into account current social science research, the expert group examines the challenges of specific and intersectional discrimination, especially in the context of a diverse immigration society, and formulates recommendations to policy-makers and the professional public on the design of the federal programme. The aim is to further develop best-practice models of preventive-pedagogical professional practice as well as to enable a dialogue-based transfer of knowledge between civil society, academia and politics.

The project ist funded by the federal programme "Live Democracy!".

Funding: Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (Third-party funding)

Cooperation partner:

German Youth Institute (DJI); Institute for Social Work and Social Education (ISS)