Publikationstyp: Herausgabe Special Issue

Cross Movement Mobilisation - Perspectives from the Global North and South

AutorInnen: Zajak, Sabrina; Jansson, Jenny; Pleyers, Geoffrey; Lenz, Ilse Publikationsjahr: 2020

Alliances between social movements constitute a vital part of understanding social movement mobilization. However, despite the advantages that come with cross movement mobilization, the construction and maintenance of alliances remains a fundamental challenge for activists and movements. This special issue aims to uncover and deepen our understanding of cross-movement mobilization in the global North and the global South. In this introduction we suggest to move beyond cross-movement mobilisation as relatively static cooperation between formally organised and bounded entities. Instead we need to observe cross-movement alliances as a succession of convergences around events and longer lineages of actions linked through multiple, intersecting, and non-linear processes and actions.

Keywords: social movements; transnational activist networks; intersectionality; solidarity; North-South relations; alliance formation

Open Access
Zajak,Sabrina;Jansson,Jenny;Pleyers,Geoffrey;Lenz,Ilse (Hg.) (2020): Cross Movement Mobilisation - Perspectives from the Global North and South. [Sonderausgabe]. Moving the Social 63.