Reception Of Refugees From Ukraine

Das DeZIM, KBNM PAN und CMR veranstalteten ein deutsch-polnisches Symposium zur Aufnahme ukrainischer Geflüchteter.

Thursday, 28 April 2022, from 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

The German Center for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM), the Polish Committee on Migration Research of Polish Academy of Science (KBNM PAN) and the Centre of Migration Research (CMR) of the University of Warsaw hosted a German-Polish symposium on the reception of Ukrainian refugees.


09.00-10.35 h | Panel 1: Who helps the refugees?
Which tasks are assumed by civil society, which by the state? Who helps - and why? Who is helped - and who is not? How can refugees from Ukraine be protected from exploitation and violence?

10.45-12.15 h | Panel 2: How does integration succeed?
How can refugees from Ukraine be integrated into the labour market? What are the special needs of women and children? How do day-care centres and schools cope with this challenge? What structures have proven themselves and what services are needed?

13.00-14.30 h | Panel 3: A "turning point" in European asylum policy?
Is the unbureaucratic acceptance of refugees an exception? Or could it mark a turning point in the EU's refugee policy? How does the war in Ukraine affect the treatment of other refugees? And how on other regions of the world? Could it lead to further refugee movements?



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